2nd annual birthday blood drive 2014


December 27, 2014 we held our second annual Birthday Blood Drive in honor of Peyton Williams who turned 2 on Dec 28th.  The Monday before the blood drive December 22, we were honored to have Ashlee Baracy from WDIV channel 4 over our house.  Ashlee did a story on Peyton and her family’s story, to help promote our blood drive and encourage people to donate blood.  The day of the blood drive WDIV’s Shawn Ley was live before the blood drive from 6am-8am he did four live plugs for the event, 2 of which we were in.  Shawn Ley also came back when the drive was up and running and did story for the evening news.  Just as WDIV’s Shawn Ley had left, Robin Murdoch from Fox 2 Detroit showed up unexpectedly.  Robin spent a good hour with us and also did a wonderful story for the evening news. To watch the media coverage from the event go to the Media Coverage tab on the navigation bar.

This blood drive was our best yet.  It was such an honor for us to get so much media attention that helped draw a great crowd.  We had well over 100 people show up to try and donate blood.  At the end of the drive we had successfully collected 72 pints of blood.  Each pint of blood collected helps touch/save the lives of up to 3 people.  This blood drive alone helped around 216 people.