Peyton 2013

Getting a transfusion through an IV in her head vein

Getting a transfusion through and IV in her head vein

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Peyton is currently 9 months old. Before she rolled over for the first time she had already received 3 blood transfusions, Bone aspiration, Chest X-rays, ambulance ride, huge panel of blood tests, and spent a total of 9 days in the hospital.

She continues to go to Children’s Hospital of Detroit weekly for her CBC test; to check her blood counts.  When her hemoglobin falls below 8, she receives a blood transfusion.  Currently she gets transfused every 2-4 weeks.  We have yet to try steroid therapy because she is under a year old and has not received all her vaccines yet.  Without the generous donation of blood donors, Peyton quite possibly would not be here today.  She has already received 7 blood transfusions as of Sept 19, 2013.

Now the bright side: Peyton is a fearless child and always full of smiles, even during a transfusion.  She’s just as normal as any other baby. At 9 months she is a crawling machine.  She’s also learning to push her walker around the kitchen all by herself.  Wherever Peyton goes she is sure to put a smile on someone’s face whether it be because of how adorable she is or her sense of humor. She loves sticking her tongue out to make people laugh.  Don’t be alarmed if you ever hear her Growl.  She has two big brothers at home, Bubba (Black Lab), and Gus (Boxer Mix).  You’ll know the growl when you hear it, sounds just like the dogs.